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Where curated articles cover men’s fashion, grooming, health, cooking and other vital gentlemanly disciplines. Unleash your potential through a diverse range of insights, fostering a holistic approach to personal growth and impactful community leadership. Join us on a transformative journey designed for the modern gentleman committed to making a positive difference.

John Philip Clay: Co-Founder & CEO

Providing oversight on content and establishing relationships with clients in need of consultation. J. Philip also contributes to the brands overall business outlook, including financial services and business strategy. Refinement has always been at the forefront of Philip’s life. He now uses that experience to help other men learn gentlemanly disciplines.

James Arthur Lewis III: Co-Founder & COO

His exceptional abilities lie in fostering business growth through the creation of groundbreaking ventures, strategic partnerships, and strategic acquisitions, all aimed at elevating the well-being of diverse social strata. Committed to empowering communities, James proactively pursues novel and transformative local as well as global collaborations that will leave an indelibly positive imprint, shaping the very fabric of cultural prosperity

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" To leave a legacy that will continue refining culture and inspiring emerging leaders for generations to come."



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